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The Mission

Boots 2 Roots

To bridge the gap from serving our country to strengthening Maine communities.

Boot2Roots’ Teammate, recently transitioned Army veteran, Cliff Oliver (right) is the Community Outreach Coordinator at the Community Bicycle Center (CBC) in Biddeford.

Boots2Roots is guided by our four core Values:  Community, Integrity, Sincerity and Simplicity.

Boots2Roots provides personalized and proactive support for active duty military members and their families who are transitioning to Maine.  We focus on employment, navigating transition services, and community reintegration.  And networking connections based on trust form the foundation of Boots2Roots.

Military members receive a minimum of 90 days of training when they transition into the military, but only a few briefings to prepare for transition back to civilian life.  And this transition represents a significant change.  The military member leaves a responsible job, steady income, medical/dental benefits and an extensive support system and transitions to Maine with no income, benefits or support network.

Boots2Roots provides and enables this support network.  Financial stability and social reintegration with the community are critical for a successful transition from military to civilian life.  We establish a sponsor relationship with military members before they return, so they have a trusted team in Maine who will help them find fulfilling and decent paying jobs more quickly.