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How Boots2Roots Got Started

Boots 2 Roots

Dave Hickey grew up in West Gardiner, Maine and spent more than 25 years as an aviator in the Air Force before returning to Maine a few years ago.

It didn’t take long for Dave to experience firsthand some of the struggles our returning military members face in Maine, especially finding good and decent paying jobs. Even though he grew up in Maine and returned to his home town, he began to feel uncomfortably disconnected from his home state as he bounced from job interview to job interview.  In fact, one interviewer said that she could not believe he didn’t have PTSD considering all of his deployments.

Dave decided to be part of the solution and the concept of Boots2Roots was born.

Boots2Roots took shape in 2014 and has slowly transitioned from an informal support service to an organized 501(c)(3) Maine nonprofit.  Our mission was born out of lessons learned from personal transition experiences, and we strive to prepare our Teammates early to facilitate their smooth and successful transition to Maine.